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Braces in Greenfield, IN

Cornerstone Dental Arts offers traditional metal braces for both teens and adults to straighten teeth and their underlying roots. These treatments can also be used to adjust and reshape your jaw, neck and lips in order to change your facial appearance. Straightening your teeth has more benefits than cosmetically, however, as well-aligned teeth can make it easier to care for and maintain your hygiene and smile, both at home and professionally.

Benefits of Braces near Indianapolis

Dental braces are both a cosmetic and hygienic treatment that corrects stubborn smiles over time using metal brackets. Crowded, crooked, protruding teeth and those that have irregular spacing or are out of alignment could make it difficult to keep them cleaned properly, leading to tooth decay and gum disease that could lead to tooth loss if not addressed properly. Braces help keep an improper bite at bay, preventing jaw problems as well! What’s not to love about healthy, clean teeth, gums, and mouth? Cornerstone Dental Arts makes it easy with all needed treatments done right in the office without the need to be referred to an orthodontist.

Braces vs. Clear Aligners

With advancements in technology, new options are available to straighten and correct your teeth. These come in the form of clear aligners, such as Invisalign, which are placed over your teeth and are virtually invisible, designed to be a convenient and flexible way of straightening your smile.


Traditional braces use metal brackets and arch wires with elastic ties that hold the wires in place. While you may be among the group that remembers the negative association that comes with braces, today’s brackets have come a long way from those just ten years ago. Brackets are available in different shapes, colors and even metals. While braces are seen as contained to the teeth, braces can actually help correct jaw issues that could cause pain down the line. Misaligned teeth could also crowd your tongue, affecting your breathing and causing sleep apnea or snoring. Braces are not just for teeth health, but for your overall jaw and mouth health as well.


  • Tend to be slightly more cost effective
  • Customize the color of your bands
  • Unable to misplace
  • Stable and functional
  • More aggressive

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners can occasionally run more expensive than traditional braces, depending on the severity of the work needed. Cornerstone Dental Arts offers consultations in which a digital scan will be taken of your mouth, and a custom treatment plan is recommended. The downfall of clear aligners is that they could be easily lost or damaged, and there is extra responsibility to continue wearing them despite discomfort. They can’t work unless you wear them.


  • Ability to remove to eat, brush, floss, or for social reasons
  • Gentle pressure
  • Less conspicuous
  • Custom-made for every patient

Are Braces Right for Me?

When questioning whether or not braces are the right choice, there are a few reasons that lead Cornerstone Dental Arts to recommend them. While braces have known aesthetic purposes for creating a straight smile, braces also prevent pain that could develop from several causes in the long run. When tooth misalignment goes untreated, it could lead to decreased oral hygiene from being unable to reach certain parts of the teeth, causing gum disease and tartar buildup. A misaligned jaw can cause painful headaches and jaw pain as well, especially through a bite caused by crowded teeth, which causes pain when speaking or eating. Your quality of life is worth the months of discomfort, as the lifetime worth of pain and potential issues can be easily prevented through corrective braces.

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