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Family Dentistry

Dentistry for the Whole Family

It’s important to begin learning good dental hygiene practices from an early age. And that means kids need to learn to like going to the dentist! At Cornerstone Dental Arts, we know that sometimes a visit to the dentist can feel scary, that’s why we’re focused on creating a safe and welcoming environment that even young children will warm up to.

My kids started going there when they are 2yrs... now they are 16 and 13. We love them so much that even after we moved we drive 1hr 45 min to see them and when I tell the kids we are going they can't wait to go... this is an amazing place to get care.

Christy T.

Family Dentist in Greenfield, IN

Cornerstone Dental Arts provides dental care for the whole family, which helps us get to know you — and helps you get to know us. 

This ongoing, consistent relationship makes it easier to notice changes in your dental health that may need to be addressed and makes it easier for you to reach out when something doesn’t feel right. 

If you’re looking for family dentistry in Greenfield, contact us today.

Regular Dental Check-ups and Teeth Cleanings For All Ages

Regular dentist check-ups are an essential part of overall dental care. Many problems, such as tooth decay or gum disease, are easier to treat in their early stages. Through regular visits, we can spot issues before they get out of hand, sparing you both pain and expense. 

Dental cleanings are also vital for dental health. Even if you brush at home twice a day, a professional teeth cleaning is still recommended twice a year.

Dental Sealants

Part of dental care is not just treating decay but preventing it. Sealants are one of the tools we can use to do that. A sealant creates a protective barrier for your tooth that can help keep bacteria away and stop damage to your tooth before it starts. 

Tooth Fillings 

Even with twice-a-year teeth cleanings and a robust home dental hygiene routine, cavities can still happen. 

When they do, we make getting dental fillings in our Greenfield dentist’s office quick, easy, and painless. And because your dental health is so important to us, we never use mercury in our fillings. 

The process of getting a tooth filling is simple. We start by numbing the area around the tooth that needs filling, making sure you’ll be comfortable for the whole procedure. Then we remove tooth decay (the cavity) along with all bacteria.

The dental filling itself then has several steps, which will depend on the specific needs of your tooth (such as additional protection for your root.) The finished filling will provide you with an attractive, durable repair to your tooth that leaves your teeth as good as new.

Oral Cancer Screening

As part of your regular dental check-ups, we provide oral cancer screenings. As with other dental health issues, this screening aims to identify any signs or symptoms of oral cancer as early as possible because early detection leads to better treatment outcomes.  

Dental Emergencies

We’re here for your urgent dental care needs. Give us a call as soon as your dental emergency arises, and we will strive to see you as quickly as possible — usually the same day. We can also offer you advice about what you can do to limit additional pain or damage before your emergency dentistry visit.

Click here to learn more about emergency dentistry

Tooth Extractions

Here at Cornerstone Dental Arts, our goal is to protect and preserve your teeth. When a tooth is damaged or decayed, we will help you explore all of the options for repair, such as dental crowns. But in some situations, we may recommend a tooth extraction

You can rest assured that we only recommend a tooth extraction after a thorough evaluation of your overall dental needs, including all necessary diagnostic tests, such as X-rays.

Click here to learn more about tooth extractions

Everyone at Cornerstone is amazing! I am anxious when it comes to going to the dentist, but the staff at Cornerstone makes it worth it! They are patient and truly listen. They show that they genuinely care about the overall well-being of their clients during each and every visit!

Laurel A.

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